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LANDROVER Freelander 1.8 k-series Head gasket repair, Landrover specialist

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 We are an MG-rover Head gasket repair specialist.

Head gasket repair on Landrover Freelander 1.8 k-series engine £270, including new head bolts, full head set, oil and filter change, coolant flush and change, carried out at our workshop. Extra's available at additional cost, read below.

Our head gasket repairs are done to the very best standards, the same as we work to with our high performance engine rebuilds, not just a general garage repair.

The prices below are the total amounts including replacement of the water pump, timing belt, head bolts, head gasket (and other required gaskets and seals associated with this and with stripping the head down). The price also includes head skim and pressure test, coolant flush and new coolant, as well as new oil and oil filter. (VVC models obviously include replacement of the second belt, re-timing of the VVC mechanisms etc). We use a full head set in our repair, we don't think it should be required to mention we replace cam seals, rocker cover gasket etc as we would expect to do no less, however, others seem to mention these parts giving the impression you would pay extra for this elsewhere.

6month warranty given.

Obviously on condition that the head is usable the repair will be carried out, you will be informed of progress along the way.

We do have spare cylinder heads in stock which can be used if required.

Once the engine is stripped, if the liners are within tolerance for the MLS gasket kit to be used, on the customers authorisation we will fit this, but there is an extra £50 charge to cover the extra price difference for the kit (genuine). The extra charge for VVC models over non VVC cover the extra labour required in stripping, cleaning and rebuilding/prelubing the mechs, gaskets and also the extra timing belt needed.

Be warned of companies stating they "will" use the MLS gasket. Liner tolerances must be within tighter limits for this to be used effectively, and could cause premature problems if the MLS gasket is fitted when liners are not within tolerance. We have seen this many times before, with the MLS gasket commonly outlasting the 12months warranty (if any at all) given by other companies, but only just.

MG ZR / Rover 25 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 - £440
MG ZR / Rover 25 VVC - £490
MGZS 1.6, 1.8 - MGZS 1.6, 1.8 - £440
MGF/TF1.6 1.8 - £490
MGF/TF VVC - £540
ROVER75/ZT 1.8,1.8 turbo - £440
Landrover Freelander 1.8 - £440
Lotus elise - £490
A single day service and turnaround is available if requested and booked for in advance. This would be on an exchange head basis. (we would get one prepared for you beforehand, then exchange it for yours on the day - your head would have to be servicable so to incur no extra cost)

For more details contact us, or call 07739019330.

Check for signs of head gasket issues, such as white smoke/steam from the exhaust, creamy oil or HGF mayo in the oil. Temp guage rising, loss of coolant, creamy mayo in water/coolant, oil in coolant. Heaters not working/heaters not blowing hot/warm.

We, AMWmotorsport, are an MG Rover repair specialist.

AMWmotorsport, based in Bradford just off the M606, near leeds and halifax, West Yorkshire.

We are authorised traders on several internet based owners clubs.

Please do not order/pay this service online. Contact us to discuss booking your vehicle in.

NOW: £270.00