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Steel caged gearbox bearings/seals (PG1)

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Set of gearbox bearings to suit "U" spec, or "X" spec PG1 gearboxes.

Will supply driveshaft seals if you let me know which type, and gearbox input shaft seal.

All but two bearings are steel caged and are made by either NTN, NSK or other high quality manufacturer, there are two which are NO LONGER AVAILABLE in steel cage format. BE AWARE of anyone saying they have them in steel caged format, the cage is plastic, but coloured to look like metal. Some will say it is metal, when it is not, a simple scratch with a knife will prove what it is.

Check the label on your gearbox to find out what gearbox you have, U spec boxes will have a "U" near the end of their gearbox code (eg C6FTUT). If you are unsure please email us.

Seals are either "early" rubber seals, or "late" metal ones.

Diff bearings are high quaily 6208 items.
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Diff seals

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